, Jezek Daniel

Next itSMF Chapter Switzerland Event - SwissLPD-DSG-LPD-EUGDPR requirements

Unser Partnerverein itSMF Switzerland widmet ihren nächsten Event dem Thema Swiss LPD und DSG sowie den ICMF-Mitgliedern Sonderkonditionen.

Our partner itSMF Chapter Switzerland annouces their next event and course in english where an international company with a country in Switzerland will discuss and explain in details about LPD and EU-GDRP with a practical approach to get companies compliant.

The event was already published on itSMF Linkedin Page and social channels as well as on their homepage http://www.itsmf.ch.

See the itSMF Blog for more details: https://www.itsmf.ch/event/course-lpd-dsg-lpd-gdpr-requirements/  and get subscribed on their new event platform: https://events.itsmf.ch/SwissLPD-DSG-LPD-EUGDPR-requirements-course#/  

For this course all ICMF subscribers can use the same conditions as itSMF subscribers.